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"ka-FAY frahn-SAY"

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Rooster and Fool

(the story of "la Famille de la Reine")

Once there was a Rooster, who belonged to the Princess of Pecan

And although he saw the Sun rise in the East

He found it odd that it should set in the Western yon

Until one day, as the Royal Family prepared to feast,

Rooster decided he simply must know:

Where indeed did his beloved Sun go?


When after the feast Princess realized Rooster had gone

She cried to her Mother, Butter Queen Amann:

“Why oh why would Rooster ever leave?”

And since it was the time of Revolution,

The Butter Queen replied, “Perhaps we shall see:

Soon we must step down (lest we lose our heads),

I believe this may be the perfect solution.”

Then she convinced the King, saying to him:

“We’ll lose our heads if the People we don’t let win!

Would you have your Son, the beloved Dauphin aux Amandes,

Have his beautiful head rolling down the street, and into the salon?

Or would you have my Daughter of sugar and spice

Risking her life as you wantonly cling to everything nice?”

Thus did the Royal Family set out,

Tracking Rooster’s trail further and farther West

Across the Atlantic Ocean and to the American Southwest,

Until at last upon Rooster finally the Family came

(Riding on horseback, as was the custom)

Came close enough that the Princess called his name:

And Rooster, so excited to hear and to see

His beloved Princess and the whole Family,

Jumped up and flew and happily crowed,

“Thank goodness you're here! Wait ’til you see what I’ve found!

The Sun never sleeps, but indeed the World it goes ’round!”

At which point he lighted upon the Peanut King's head

Startling the King and the King’s horse to boot,

Which neighed and bucked and kicked out a hoof:

And just then the King from his saddle did fall,

Thinking to himself of the irony of it all;

Thus did the King find himself quite upside-down,

There with no Palace, no Servant, and no Jewelled Crown:

And when both Doctor and Wizard came to conclude

That about the King’s injuries was there nothing they could do,

The Kouign and her Children bewailed and they wept,

Their tears used to season their daily day Bread

(For the Great King would now and forever be a Fool,

Never again with a Land or a People to rule)

Until the Princess herself finally cried,

“Rooster, I’ve found you after you left to chase the Sun;

But indeed it’s all your fault that now my Father’s dumb:

And now I must knock you too upside the head,

Knock you out and grind you up and turn you into Bread!”


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